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Lake wedding in Thun

When two dancers get together, there’s always something going on. Something that is also true with Rebecca and Cengi. 

But first, let’s get one thing straight. The two have not (yet) married, but were the wonderful models for a styled shoot. It is undeniable though, that they are a real couple and absolutely in love – the pictures speak a thousand words.

The two clearly had fun cuddling and kissing in front of the camera and their beaming smiles speak volumes. Being dancers, the two of them naturally enjoyed being on the move. A quick turn here – a short lifting figure there and a few photogenic contortions in between.

Unfortunately, the weather was not quite as versatile as the two. It was grey, wet and chilly. But Rebecca and Cengi took it sportily. With a transparent umbrella for protection, they went to Lake Thun and we were able to capture some beautiful bridal couple photos.

Hochzeit Brautpaar Delta Park Vital Resort Thun Thunersee

When it started to rain a bit more, we looked for a nice spot inside. The stairs at the Deltapark Vitalresort in Thun were the perfect place. Beautifully curved and perfectly colour-coordinated with the bridal couple.

After the bride and groom photos, we went for the sensationally delicious cake from Süsses Glück, of course not without taking lots of beautiful photos of it first.

Like every bride and groom, Rebecca and Cengi had a little quarrel about who had the upper hand when cutting the cake. And while feeding each other afterwards, some cake accidentally landed in each other’s faces. But that didn’t dampen the fun of the two.

Of course, those who snack on sweets have to do something to get rid of the calories. And what do dancers do? Yes, they dance. We quickly prepared the dance floor, set up the unleashed lightning and started the music. And the two of them were already dancing. It wasn’t easy for Rebecca, she had to lift her dress over and over again to avoid standing on the hem.

But this also resulted in beautiful, fairy-like photos. The fog machine and the flash from behind also created a mystical ambience. So little is needed for beautiful photos of the wedding dance.

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