Summer wedding at Beuggen Castle

A beautiful, sunny summer day as I make my way to Beuggen Castle. Today Nathalie and Fabian are getting married here. Finally, because the wedding was planned the year before, but then came Corona and Aline – so the wedding was postponed. The sugary sweet Aline I was allowed to welcome shortly before the wedding already for one of the most beautiful newborn shoots this year with me in the studio. 

The Beuggen Castle in Baden-Württemberg is a former moated castle, but today it is nestled in a small nature reserve and surrounded by green meadows and shady trees. I quickly find my way to the bridal room, where the Getting Ready has already begun. The bride and her bridesmaids as well as the mother of the bride are beaming – and of course Aline is also there. Wedding planner Lisa clarifies the last details with the bride and then takes care of the decorations, the place cards and all the other details that make up a wedding. The mood is exuberant and the anticipation for the wedding ceremony under the trees outside is rising. On the roof opposite the storks clatter and in the courtyard the first guests arrive. It is especially nice that the father is also present at the getting ready. So he has the honor of helping his daughter to put on the bridal jewelry. A very emotional moment.

And then the time has come, all the guests are already seated and the groom is standing excitedly with a big smile in front of the wooden wedding arch. Nathalie was guessing at the getting ready and hoping that Fabian would shed some tears at the sight of her, but then she herself was also close to the water as her father leads her down the center aisle to Fabian. The free wedding ceremony with wedding officiant Christina was perfectly suited to the bride and groom. Christina accompanied the two for almost 2 years until the wedding ceremony because of the postponement and was even pregnant almost at the same time as Nathalie. The wedding ceremony itself was different than the classic weddings, but just as beautiful. The parents of the bride and groom, on the other hand, were then allowed to symbolically plant a tree and Nathalie and Fabian also added some soil to the little tree. Instead of the ring exchange, there was a handfasting. The bridesmaids, groomsmen and groomswomen were each allowed to place a ribbon over the intertwined hands of the bride and groom and knot it – with a wish for the bride and groom. However, you did not do without the first kiss as husband and wife, this was an integral part of the wedding ceremony. 

Immediately after the ceremony, the photo was taken with all the guests. With about 100 guests organizationally not so easy. The peninsula in front of the castle offered itself and to get all on the picture, I was already almost with both legs in the water. But then wedding planner Lisa brought a chair and both my feet and the picture were in the dry.

At the aperitif on the castle lawn, the guests were mainly looking for the cooling shade of the big trees. No wonder with about 36 degrees on this June day. But this did not dampen the mood and the group photos are the best proof. While the guests are still busy emptying the cool drinks, I go with Lisa into the hall, photograph the table decorations, the place cards, the hall and other details. Outside on the Rhine, a small group cools off on a raft by jumping into the water.  I would also like such a cooling down, but it goes on blow by blow. DJ Mehrez is also already setting up and fills the hall with music. Soon the hall is filled and the guests are waiting for the second entrance of the bridal couple on this day. The surprise is great when Nathalie enters the hall with Aline in a sling in front of her body together with Fabian. Aline stays with them for a while during the meal and is then brought back to the room by the babysitter. In the hall there is laughter, eating, joking and hilarious celebrations. At various stations the guests can be creative for the bride and groom, and this is actively used.

After the meal the hall is changed again. It goes down, into the area at the Rhine, where the dessert buffet is provided, the DJ already waits for dance-happy public and the photo box looks for courageous clientele. Here also takes place the cutting of the cake and then for me the conclusion of the evening with the capture of the wedding dance. The bride and groom wish as lighting only the glow sticks in the hands of the guests – not quite easy for me, but one is prepared for everything.

The bride and groom and the guests then partied diligently through the rest of the night, while I made my way back home before midnight. This wedding was definitely one of the most beautiful of this year – with a bride and groom who couldn’t be happier.

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