Small outdoor wedding in Thun

The plan was to have a small and intimate outdoor wedding ceremony. But the weather had other plans.
But let’s start at the beginning. In different rooms, as it should be done in the classical way, Melanie and Roy started getting ready.

The getting ready of the bride is usually a bit more extensive. Hair, make up and then it usually needs some help to get into the dress or to close the buttons. Also with the jewelry it needs now and then some help. But all of these are wonderful subjects and the perfect way to get in the mood for the wedding ceremony.

Roys getting ready could have come straight out of a gentleman’s magazine. In the cigar lounge of the Deltapark Vitalresort in Thun, the cufflinks were straightened, the tie knotted and the jacket buttoned. Since there was still plenty of time before the wedding ceremony, Roy treated himself to a drink and a cigar in style. I’m still pretty much in love with this setting – and the photos of it are just amazing.

And then the time had come. The wedding arch was set up, sound system for Romina, the officiant and wedding singer was ready and Roy was waiting for his bride.
Melanie started walking. The way to Roy was not long, nevertheless, had to be broken off in the middle, because it began to rain just then and also did not seem to want to stop. So everyone helped packing up, bringing the wedding arch, sound system and everything inside, and we started all over again. Who can claim to have done all this twice at their wedding?

Melanie and Roy said their respective vows and Romina, who was also there as a wedding singer, gave them the perfect musical background with her wonderful voice.

The two put their vows in an envelope, which they sealed together with sealing wax. A wonderful tradition.

We took a few bride and groom photos on the beautiful steps of the hotel, but then it finally stopped raining and we ventured out into the greenery for a bit.

For the bride and groom photos, I usually ask the groom if he would like to lift up his bride. Of course, not everyone can do that. But Roy surprised me. While most only lift their bride slightly, for him it almost became the famous scene from Dirty Dancing. Melanie also seemed surprised to be up in the air by that much. But the resulting photos were definitely worth it.

In front of the hotel, we then found a beautiful gray stone wall, which provided a wonderful background for bridal couple photos and perfectly matched the colors of Melanie and Roy and the gorgeous outfits from Hostettler Mode.

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