Hochzeit Bad Säckingen Trompeterschloss

Bad Säckingen wedding with a bang

Do you know Murphy’s Law? It says that if something can go wrong, it will. Murphy was very active in this wedding. First, the invitation cards that had just been printed had to be tamped down and reprinted – the actual wedding venue went bankrupt and a new one had to be found.

Then, shortly before the wedding, there was a fire at the new location. Fortunately, it didn’t affect the wedding and the few rooms affected were quickly renovated. So a lot of things went wrong in the run-up. But it didn’t affect the wedding itself.

On the day of the wedding, I was already at the bride and groom’s house for the getting ready. While the girls were busy helping to put on the dress, the groom was sitting on the couch in casual clothes with his wedding dress and watching TV.

When it came to putting on the wedding dress, Murphy was there again. First a button was left out and everything had to be re-buttoned, then one of the buttons fell off. The bride’s godmother quickly sewed the button back on and all was well. The bride was almost finished when the groom said casually, “Well, I’m going to take a shower and get ready”. A few minutes later he was standing in the kitchen all dressed up.

The bride and groom reserved a lot of time for bridal photos. Before the registry office ceremony, we conducted a first bridal couple shooting in the old town of Rheinfelden – in best weather. On the way to the registry office, the bride suddenly turns off and briefly stops by at a dress shop. That’s something you rarely see.

Hochzeit Standesamt Rheinfelden

After the wedding ceremony in the registry office in Rheinfelden and the short aperitif in the courtyard, we continued to Bad Säckingen. While the wedding guests gradually arrived at the Hotel zum Goldenen Knopf for the aperitif, the bride and groom, the maid of honour and I set off for the second bridal shoot in the park of the Trompeterschloss (Trumpeter Castle). A beautiful location, which we had of course already visited together in the run-up to the wedding. The bride and groom were still as relaxed and happy as before the wedding and the groom, completely in his element, had a lot of nonsense on his mind. This resulted in many unique photos which, although not usually part of a wedding photographer’s programme, absolutely suited this couple.

The weather was absolutely sunny and warm all day. But let’s not forget Murphy. The weather forecast predicted heavy rain in the evening, hard to believe on the day. But that’s exactly what happened. Torrential rain even, a real thunderstorm. And so the big surprise that the bridal couple had planned literally fell through. In the course of the evening, everyone was suddenly told: “We have to evacuate briefly”. The wedding guests were asked to board a bus and we drove a few minutes out into the countryside, where a handful of people ran excitedly across the field. It was still raining, but we were able to stand under a tent roof to stay dry. And then it became clear what the plan was. The groom is a big fan of fireworks and had organised a big fireworks show. But the storm ruined almost 90% of it, a few firecrackers could still be set off, a few volcanoes also spit their fire. The disappointment was obvious to both of them. The bride, however, didn’t want to miss out, threw her stole over her head and stood outside in the light rain to enjoy what was still rising into the sky.

The party afterwards was all the more exuberant, strangers became friends and the party went on until the early hours of the morning. But maybe it was just because the wedding cake was by far the most delicious I have ever tasted. The guests and the bride and groom are still raving about it today.

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